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The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of PSUs of Ministry of Defence are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain
1. 23-Aug-2017 06:55 PM 14-Sep-2017 03:00 PM 15-Sep-2017 03:30 PM [Supply of FULLY FABRICATED MEDICAL AMBULANCE (AC) - 01 No. ] [G21/NMA/CSR/Ambulance dated 23.08.2017][2017_GSL_70372_1] Goa Shipyard Limited||COMMERCIAL
2. 23-Aug-2017 06:30 PM 30-Aug-2017 03:00 PM 30-Aug-2017 04:00 PM [PROCUREMENT OF DIGITAL CAMERA, JANES FIGHTING SHIPS, ESD KITS AND FLUKE INSULATION TESTER_SM1 AND 2_P75] [EY/CD/VM/1200001246][2017_MDL_70362_1] Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited||Submarine and Heavy Engineering Div - MDL||EY Commercial - MDL
3. 23-Aug-2017 06:15 PM 14-Sep-2017 03:00 PM 15-Sep-2017 03:00 PM [Biennial rate contract for inspection cost for Lloyds Surveyor for classification of Ship lift and Ship transfer system for the period of 2 years. ] [06ER/BMC/785/475 dated 23/08/2017][2017_GSL_70371_1] Goa Shipyard Limited||COMMERCIAL
4. 23-Aug-2017 06:00 PM 14-Sep-2017 03:00 PM 15-Sep-2017 03:00 PM [EBXL POWER CABLES for 5CGOPVs Yard nos 1233-37 ] [G22/AMKS/5CGOPV-270/184905-09 dated 22.08.2017][2017_GSL_70367_1] Goa Shipyard Limited||COMMERCIAL
5. 23-Aug-2017 06:00 PM 18-Sep-2017 03:00 PM 19-Sep-2017 03:00 PM [Supplying installation and commissioning of Automatic Sprinkler System at GSL Enclave lawns] [CIVIL/01/GSL/CE/ADS/ETN-074][2017_GSL_70370_1] Goa Shipyard Limited||CIVIL
6. 23-Aug-2017 05:40 PM 13-Sep-2017 02:00 PM 15-Sep-2017 02:05 PM [High Performance Advanced above Water Light Grey Exterior Paints] [1600000457][2017_MDL_70373_1] Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited||Ship Building Division - MDL||Commecial-Naval Project - MDL||C-P15B - MDL
7. 23-Aug-2017 04:30 PM 06-Sep-2017 04:00 PM 07-Sep-2017 10:00 AM [Extension of EMI-EMC test facility in BEL-GAD] [2017_BELGAD_CS_23082017_001][2017_BEL_70359_1] Bharat Electronics Limited||Gaziabad Unit - BEL||CS - BEL||Contracts-CS - BEL
8. 23-Aug-2017 04:00 PM 30-Aug-2017 10:00 AM 31-Aug-2017 02:00 PM [Construction of Store Room in Guest House and Providing Roofing for DG sets ] [OS/CM/001634/000065K][2017_HSL_70368_1] Hindustan Shipyard Limited||CIVIL ENGINEERING
9. 23-Aug-2017 03:10 PM 20-Sep-2017 04:00 PM 20-Sep-2017 04:00 PM [PROCUREMENT OF INCO SPARES FOR VARIOUS PUMPS MU12-D1,D2,D3, D4 AND MU12-I FOR SM3 OF P-75] [EY/CD/MAP/P75/1300001169][2017_MDL_70369_1] Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited||Submarine and Heavy Engineering Div - MDL||EY Commercial - MDL
10. 23-Aug-2017 01:00 PM 07-Sep-2017 10:30 AM 08-Sep-2017 10:30 AM [SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR PLASMA WELDING UNIT AND ESR FURNACE] [MDNL/PUR/1876140/ELT/489/17-18][2017_MDN_70364_1] MIDHANI
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